Architecture for Global Learning

Assessment of Global Learning: Performance Targets vs. Developmental Growth

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How do you demonstrate that your students have achieved a desired global learning outcome? What is it exactly that educators and researchers are measuring when they speak of 'global learning outcomes'? Is it specific competencies of a discipline written within a global context or is it a broader, more esoteric set of competencies that learners should be able to understand, reflect upon, and act on?

Join NAFSA Academic Programs for the sixth and final session in our six-part Architecture for Global Learning - Series II. Presenters will explore these uncertainties and discuss how to navigate the nuance of assessing global learning, including which assessment tools they recommend. Wrestle with the uncertainties of learning outcomes and assessment that colleagues have encountered themselves. Explore the methods, tools, and approaches that our expert presenters rely upon to assess global learning in their students.


Faculty, senior international officers, chief academic officers, researchers, and other international educators who need to devise or improve upon global learning assessment methods in their programs.