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Dr. Esther BrimmerEsther Brimmer, Executive Director and CEO Esther Brimmer, DPhil, currently serves as the executive director and chief executive officer of NAFSA: Association of International Educators. Dr. Brimmer’s distinguished career includes three appointments within the U.S. Department of State, serving most recently as the assistant secretary for international organization affairs from April 2009 to 2013. Prior to joining NAFSA, Dr. Brimmer was professor of practice of international affairs at George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs where she served a two-year term as the J.B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Professor. She was also an adjunct senior fellow for international institutions at the Council on Foreign Relations, and a senior adviser at McLarty Associates. She was previously deputy director and director of research at the Center for Transatlantic Relations at the Johns Hopkins University's Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) from 2001 to 2009, and was a member of the SAIS faculty. She also taught at the College of Europe in Belgium, and from 1995 to 1999, she was a senior associate at the Carnegie Commission on Preventing Deadly Conflict. Earlier, she served on Capitol Hill as a legislative analyst for the Democratic Study Group in the U.S. House of Representatives. Immediately after earning her doctorate from Oxford University, she spent two years as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company.

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  • Mary Grace Quackenbush, Executive Assistant
  • Beth Sharp, Administrative Assistant

Communications & Advancement

  • Alan Williams, Deputy Executive Director/Chief Operating Officer

Marketing & Creative Services

  • Meredith Brodbeck, Associate Director, Web Communications
  • Dion Faradonez, Associate Director, Creative Services
  • Claudia Guintu, Graphic Designer
  • Erik Gudris, Associate Director, Marketing Copywriting and Video Services
  • Robin Little, Director, Production and Marketing Services
  • James Mahoney, Senior Director, Marketing
  • Pete Mason, Director, Digital Content
  • Henry Pazaryna, Senior Coordinator, Digital Marketing
  • Jordan Wait, Associate Director, Web Communications and Social Media


  • Salvador Chairez, Senior Director, Membership
  • Alberta Minter, Membership Frontline Specialist
  • Dawn Wooten, Associate Director, Membership and Career Center

Organizational Advancement

  • Dina Gillespy, Associate Director, Organizational Advancement
  • Gail Hochhauser, Senior Director, Organizational Advancement
  • Jordan Miller, Senior Coordinator, Organizational Advancement

Strategic Communications

  • Meredith Bell, Associate Editor, Publishing Services
  • Martha Hawley-Bertsch, Director, Publishing Services
  • Elizabeth Hendley, Editor-in-Chief, International Educator
  • Dara Liling, Editor, Publishing Services
  • Natalie Ngo, Senior Editor, Publishing Services
  • Richard Papale, Senior Director, Strategic Communications

Technology Solutions

  • Kyle Contrata, Data Analyst/Project Manager
  • Kristen Johnson, Senior Director, Technology Solutions
  • Peter Kehoe, Senior Advisor, Data Integrity
  • Melissa Larkin, Senior Coordinator, Technology Solutions
  • Mariama Orange, Technology Solutions Coordinator
  • Karina Perla, Technology Support Associate
  • Norman Twitty, Manager, Technology Support

Knowledge Development

  • Dorothea Antonio, Deputy Executive Director

Academic Affairs and Internationalization

  • Mark Grace, Senior Director, Academic Affairs & Internationalization
  • Sarah Hansen, Senior Coordinator, Academic Affairs & Internationalization
  • Kelsey Sherbondy, Associate Director, Internationalization
  • Heather MacCleoud, Director, Academic Affairs

Global Programs & Resource Development

  • T’Nia Crutchfield, Senior Coordinator, Global Programs & Resource Development
  • Michael Kulma, Senior Director, Global Programs & Resource Development
  • Shanna Saubert, Associate Director, Research and Scholarship
  • Irina Schubert, Associate Director, Global Programs & Resource Development
  • Christian Sosa, Coordinator, Knowledge Development

Conference Program

  • Katarzyna (Kasia) Batorski, Senior Director, Conference Program
  • Shaina Dorow, Coordinator, Conference Program

Finance & Administration

  • Jane Hoffman, Deputy Executive Director/Chief Financial Officer

Conference and Meeting Planning

  • Antoinette Dixon, Registration and Housing Specialist
  • Joanne Kuriyan, Exhibits Director
  • Shannon Mulvaney, Associate Director, Conferences & Meetings
  • Leslie Murray, Director, Meeting Planning and Services
  • Kathryn Pearson, Senior Coordinator, Meetings and Exhibits
  • Valerie Royal, Senior Director, Conferences and Meeting Planning

Finance & Administration

  • Jenny Heinritz, Controller
  • Brendan Long, Accounting Associate
  • Irina Schuster, Accounts Payable Administrator
  • Tonia Wise, Accounting Associate

Office Services

  • Jonathan Mitchell, Manager Office Services

Human Resources

Human Resources

  • Patricia Scott, Senior Director, Human Resources
  • Stephanie Cloninger, Human Resources Associate

Leadership & Professional Development Services

  • Tatiana MackliffTatiana Mackliff, Deputy Executive Director

Education Abroad Services

  • Allison Cash Spiro, Associate Director, Education Abroad Outreach and Regulatory Practice
  • Caroline Donovan White, Senior Director, Education Abroad Services
  • Sarvazad Katouzian, Coordinator, Education Abroad Services
  • Heather McGann, Associate Director, Education Abroad Services

International Enrollment Management
International Student/Scholar Services

  • David Fosnocht, Director, Immigration Practice Resources
  • Sallie Ly, Associate Director, International Enrollment Management
  • Joann Ng Hartmann, Senior Director, IEM-ISS Services
  • Alena Palevitz, Associate Director, International Student & Scholar Services
  • Steve Springer, Director, Regulatory Practice Liaison

Professional Learning Services

  • Lauren Carlson, Associate Director, Professional Learning Services
  • Corrie Fisher, Senior Learning Designer
  • Briona Graham-Clayton, Coordinator
  • Chad Goeden, Associate Director
  • Marianne Haegeli, Senior Director
  • Lauren Newton, Program Manager
  • Angelyn Pinter, Associate Director

Volunteer Leadership Development and Regional Affairs

  • Mariama Boney, Senior Director of Volunteer Leadership Development and Regional Affairs
  • Arlynne Criste, Coordinator, Volunteer Leadership Development and Regional Affairs

Public Policy & Advocacy

  • Jill Welch, Deputy Executive Director

Media Relations

  • Rebecca Morgan, Senior Director, Media Relations and Advocacy
  • Katie O'Connell, Director, Advocacy and Media Outreach

Public Policy

  • Rachel Banks, Director, Public Policy
  • Mark Farmer, Director, Higher Education and Public Policy
  • Kasey Penfield, Public Policy Associate
  • Heather Stewart, Counsel and Director of Immigration Policy
  • Jill Allen Murray, Senior Director, Public Policy & Legislative Strategy

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